How does email management works?

To manage the archiving of your emails, Sellsy works on the principle of email transfers.

Every staff member in your account has a dedicated email address, such as

Click on the Emails option in the top left menu to discover your general Inbox and retrieve your email address:

This email address allows you to relay - manually or automatically - some or all of your emails from your account and then attach them to your customer records.

When a message arrives on the Sellsy address, there are two possibilities:

  • Sellsy knows how to handle the email and automatically attaches it to the corresponding customer record
  • Sellsy does not know how to classify the email. The email waits in the general Inbox for you to either assign it to a client, or delete it.

Important note: Sellsy does not replace your mailbox, but it complements it. All emails sent from Sellsy are sent as if sent from your registered email address.

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