How do I forward an email to Sellsy?

To forward an email to your Sellsy account, simply transfer it to your Sellsy email address. ( )

If you do nothing, the email will land in your general Inbox, accessible from the Emails link at the top of the menu bar:

You can automatically attach the email to a customer record.

For this you have three options:

  • you can transfer an email received from the customer, in which case the Sellsy email engine will detect it in email headers
  • you can send an email to your customer and add your Sellsy address (you can use CCI)
  • you can specify (in the first line of the message) the following string: / (to be replaced with the customer email address)

In these three cases, you will find the email directly attached to the customer record:

If the email has not been attached to a client, it will wait for action in the general inbox:

You must choose which client you want to assign the email to:

You can also delete the email if you don't need it in Sellsy.

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