CRM general concepts

The CRM add-on allows you to manage your business opportunities while prospecting for potential customers with whom you have yet to start a business relationship.

This module is based on the concept of an opportunity. An opportunity consists of the following information:

Retail opportunity :


A contact, which can be either a prospect or a client.

A prospect is a potential business partner. At any time, you can turn a prospect into a client (by creating their first invoice, for example).

Source: This is the origin of your prospect in the file. Examples of sources include but are not limited to: by email (email outreach you originally made with them), the contact form from your website, or a conference.

Status: The status of an opportunity can be open, won, lost or cancelled.

Potential: This is the amount of potential revenue a contact would represent either before or after tax.

Pipeline: A series of steps that visually represents your sales process. You can create multiple pipelines. For example, you can create a pipeline based on your sources.

Probability: Percent probability of a closed sale at each step of your pipeline.

Due date: The projected completion date of the opportunity.

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