Creating a sales pipeline

A sales pipeline is determined by the training that your company follows for their sales channels. If a sales process or protocol is already in place at your company, it is advised to create the same steps as pipeline tabs in the CRM add-on. A small example of a pipeline (with few tabs) is:

Call > Sending brochure > Sending quote

Each (opportunity) step is associated with a probability, all which allow you to easily filter opportunities by degrees of probability later.

To create your first pipeline, click Opportunities in the menu, and then click Settings.

Select the Pipelines item. The only pipeline in the list is the default pipeline.

When you modify the "default" pipeline, you can see the different steps:

Click Add a pipeline.

In the next window, set your steps and probabilities:

Save your pipeline and set it as the default pipeline.

Now you will find your pipeline in New Opportunities:

You can simply move from step to step and maintain your customer follow-up efficiently.

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