Barcode scanner instructions

With Sellsy, you-have the possibility to buy a barcode scanner (from your products list)

Getting started

The barcode scanner is already set up to be used from your computer (Mac or PC). It is a keyboard interface that sends a series of numbers followed by the enter key on your computer.

Plug the scanner to the USB port of your computer, and prepare to scan!

  • To use it with Sellsy, switch to the barcode scanner mode when you create a document.
  • Add your product barcodes to your form. You can do this with your scanner.

Advanced barcode scanner set-up

You can find the user manual PDF is in the CD that comes with the scanner ( here ).

You can define parameters such as how the scanner sounds when it is in action.

The principle is to scan the barcode to change the parameters by the following steps:

  1. Scan the Enter Group # label. Will the scanner beep to indicate indication that the setup is in progress.
  2. Scan the label to be representing the parameter changed.
  3. Scan "Exit" to end the group currently selected.

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