How do I create custom e-mails templates?

With Sellsy, you can create custom email templates that you can use again in the future.

This feature is useful if you want to:

  • Schedule an email reminder in the CRM
  • Use different email templates depending on the kind of customer
  • Define templates in different languages

To create a custom email template, click on Settings, then on Custom email.

Click on Add template.

Then, write the content of the e-mail. You can insert variables in the content, such as the name of your company or your website.

Please note: variables can not be used in every context.

For example, if you use variables for a given document, this information will be displayed only if you choose this template while sending a document. If a variable is unavailable in the context of the email, it does not appear in the message.

How do I use email templates?

When you send emails from Sellsy, you just need to log in and choose the template you want.

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