Document and object sharing

Sharing is managed with every Sellsy object (documents, opportunities, customers, products, etc.).

Active sharing settings are displayed at the bottom left of every page:

Each object has an owner (user) to which you can easily assign authorship for an object and edit that authorship when you choose.

By default, when you create an object, the creator's settings are automatically applied to that object. For example, if the owner is a member of the group Webdesign, any object created by that owner will be automatically shared with the group.

Important: the sharing settings can't override staff privileges. For example, if the user does not have access to estimates, you can't share an estimate with him.

Of course, it is possible to set sharing preferences at any point in time by clicking Edit sharing.

How do I change the sharing settings for several documents?

EX: You are changing your organization and want to quickly redefine the access to a series of documents (or objects).

To do this, display the list of documents (objects). Then, filter objects you want to modify and click the checkbox on the left of the list.

Then choose Edit sharing settings and set the sharing as you wish.

Important: The new settings will replace the existing settings.

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