IMPORTANT: rules and best practices

Sending mass emails requires a number of precautions to ensure the deliverability of your messages.

Read these instructions carefully, their non-compliance can result in immediate termination of your Sellsy Marketing access, without refund.

Rules that must be followed

  • The addresses used must come from people who have given their full and clear agreement.
  • Do not use purchased contact lists
  • Avoid using words or punctuation (eg. "!!!") that can trigger spam engines.
  • Always follow the unsubscribe requests from your users
  • Clearly indicate your telephone number and street address
  • Emails must clearly state their commercial nature and not mislead the consumer

How can you evaluate the quality of your messages?

The quality of the messages is managed according to three criteria: single opening rate, unsubscribe rate and the number of mail classified as spam or junk mail.

This last criterion is by far the most important. Beyond 1 of 1000, you run the risk to see all your messages classified as spam (and therefore not seen by your users).

If one of these criteria is obviously abnormal, you also run the risk to see your access suspended.

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