Ecommerce inventory management

When you create your ecommerce store, you can precisely manage the out-of-stock process of your website.

The first part allows you to define the warehouse impacted by your online store. You can allocate one or several warehouses to this activity and excluding others.

You can then choose to group your order by warehouse with the entire order available.

For example:

You choose to take out of stock your main warehouse at first. However, your downtown store can also send orders occasionally.

If an order arrives and his partially out of stock in your warehouse, but complete at your store, the latter will be in charge of the order.

What happens if you don't choose that option?

In that situation, the order will be saved and will take products out of several warehouses, using the defined priority rank. Of course, you can change them when preparing your order.

The following option takes care of out-of-stock orders.

By default, Sellsy blocks the sales of out-of-stock products but you can choose to accept them when a product has a replenishment time indicated on its record.

Warning: if no replenishment time has been indicated, the product can't be ordered.

Finally, the last option will allow you to display your available quantities on the store's product records.

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