Carriers and shipping fees

Sellsy offers a powerful tool to manage your shipping fees based on the characteristics of your order (weight, value, and destination).

The dynamic sum of the shipping fees is used for the ecommerce function and when you add those fees in your sales documents.

To manage your carriers, click on Settings > Catalog > Carriers and deliveries.

You can then easily manage and edit the carriers list:

Note: activating the dynamic settings is optional. If you don't create any rule, you will have to fill the shipping cost when you create your documents.

Activating the dynamic settings

To enable a dynamic pricing for a carrier, click on Advanced settings on the line of the carrier:

You can now define general specifications such as the carrier tracking URL or a description:

If you enable the dynamic price, you need to choose between two calculation methods: based on the weight or value of the order.

You also need to specify how should the system behave if your order is outside the defined threshold.

You can now define your thresholds based on the geographical areas:

Note: shipping fees are assigned based on the delivery address of the document. If no address is specified, the billing address will be selected.

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