Install and setup your USB Star TSP100 printer

The Star TSP100 model can be used with the Windows Sellsy Retail application.

However, it is necessary to install it and set it up in order for it to work.

1st step: downloading and installing the drivers

The printers drivers can be downloaded on the manufacturer's website.

Once download is complete, you can proceed to the installation.

Unzip the downloaded file and launch the "Autorun" file. Then, follow the different steps until the end of the installation, while keeping the default options.

Once the installation is over, you can go to the next step.

2nd step: setting up the printer.

Plug your printer to one of the USB ports.

Important: the setup of the printer will be physically linked to the USB port you have chosen. If you change the printer's port, you will have to proceed to the setup again. Make sure to choose the right USB port.

Launch the software called "TSP100 configuration utility". A new window will open, asking to choose the emulation you wish to setup.
Please select the option called "Star Line mode (default", then confirm.

On the application configuration main menu (on the left), click on the "OPOS" tab.

You will enter the different devices used.

For your printer, click on the "Add" tab in the "OPOS POSPrinter". Make sure that the "OPOS CCO" option is checked.

A window will invite you to write the device's name. Keep the default value and confirm.

If you use a cash drawer, click on the "Add" tab in the "OPOS cash drawer" section. Proceed to the same checking as above.
Once again, a window will ask you to write the device's name.
Keep the default value and confirm.

Important: you must keep the default devices names. They are used to recognize the devices used which allows us to optimize the printing and drawer opening processes.

Here you go, your hardware is installed, setup, and ready to use!

In order to make sure that the setup is correct, you can make a few tests by clicking on the tabs called "check the functioning". If your devices react you can proceed to the installation of the Sellsy Retail software. If not, please check the previous steps above.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you encounter any issue during the installation.

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