Install the cash register software on Windows

The Windows cash register software has been developed to optimize the communication between your PC and your cash register hardware. On top of that, it can work in full screen mode so you can take advantage of your monitor maximum size.

1st step: setting up your hardware

The software has been conceived to work with Star TSP100 USB (For this model, we can guarantee the a proper software functioning).

Important: if you wish to try the software in real conditions, we recommend you to take the time to set up your hardware before proceeding to the installation of the POS software.

2nd step: downloading the software.

The software can be downloaded at this address.

Once the download is over, you just need to double click on the "Sellsy-setup" file to launch the installation.

3rd step: software installation

Follow then the instructions during the different steps until the end of the installation.

You can then choose to launch the software right away. It is also available from your Windows desktop shortcut.

Note: remember to have your Sellsy login information as well as your cash register licence before launching the software.

Please feel free to contact our support if you encounter any issue during the installation.

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