Choose a receipt printer for your POS

If you use the Sellsy POS, you need a printer for your receipts.

You can have several options, depending on your configuration.

You are using a computer:

As we have seen previously, you can use our Windows software. This software has been tested with the following printers model:

  • Star TSP100 (USB)
  • Star TSP650II (Network)
  • OXHOO TP50 (Série)

Other models will then be added to the list. If you wish to use a printer that you already have, it needs to be OPOS compatible and setup the OPOS driver. You may contact the manufacturer to have more information on this topic.

You are using a tablet (iOS and Android):

Applications are currently being developed in order to support the hardware. More information will be available soon.

You are using a Mac:

No application is currently being developed for this platform. You can however try your hardware by using the POS with the web browser.

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