Installing your Oxhoo cash register

You just received your Oxhoo cash register hardware? We will explain you how to plug your hardware.

The Oxhoo cash registers are set up and tested by our team before being sent. You just need to plug the right cables to make it work.

Here are the different port that we need to take care of on the register:

-4 series port (COM port, one will be used by the Oxhoo printer)

-1 RJ-45 port (network, where you can plug your ethernet cable)

-4 USB ports (you can need them to plug a keyboard, a mouse, or any USB device)

Note: depending on the model used, the number of ports can change, but the connections will remain pretty much the same.

1st step: connecting the printer

The printer must be plugged to the COM1 port. The port has actually be used for years, thus guaranteeing an optimal hardware functioning.

Important: chas registers are pre-set to use the printer using the COM1 port. You therefore need to follow this step.

Now use the cable (provided):

Plug the first connector in the printer port called "Serial", then plug the other end on the COM1 port of your cash register.

Note: based on the model, you may need to use an adaptor (provided).

Once the operation has been done, you can connect the printer's power supply.

Note: think about putting a thermic paper roll into the printer. You can find more information about this by browsing the manual.

2nd step: plugging a cash drawer.

The cash drawer can be plugged on the back of the printer, in the"D/K" port.

3rd step: other connections

The installation is almost over. You just need to:

1 - Connecting your hardware to the network. To do so, you just need to plug a RJ-45 cable in the right port, generally represented by 3 computers linked together.

2 - Connect the different devices you wish to use such as a keyboard or a mouse, using the available USB ports.

3 - Connect the power supply

Note: for some models, the power supply is under the device.

Here you go, your hardware is installed, set, and ready to use!

Don't hesitate to contact our support if you encounter any problem during the installation.

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