Using customs fields with landing pages/forms

With Sellsy's website add-on, you can create landing pages or forms using custom fields.

Your customers / prospects can directly qualify their needs (Contact, CRM, Support) and their profile information simply by filling in the form ..

To do this simply create a custom field by clicking on Settings> Data > Custom Fields

Then specify that this field should appear on your Sellsy website:

You can now specify usage for the field.

Note: use depends on the type of form that you will create. For example, support type fields will only be displayed on a support form.

- Prospect / client qualification:

(Both must be checked to link the prospect/client with Sellsy landing pages)

- CRM opportunities:

- Support Ticket:

When you edit a contact, CRM or support form, you will find fields that you have provided for this purpose in the Form Editor.

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