Customize and organize lists

All the lists on Sellsy (client list, documents ...) can be customized to offer a display according to what you are looking for.

Note: These preferences are set by user, so you can customize the display without affecting the display of other members of your team.

Choose the columns you want to display

At the top of each list, you can choose which columns to display.

These columns include system data, but also your custom fields.

Select the order of the columns

For maximum flexibility, Sellsy lets you rearrange the order of your columns.

To do this, simply drag and drop columns using the double arrow icon at the top of each column:

Organize your lists

To sort your list according to the criteria of a column, click the column title.

A vertical arrow icon appears; indicating that the list is sorted by this criterion:

If you re-click the column, you reverse the order that the column is sorted and the direction of arrow changes:

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