Prepare a product for rental

To rent a product, you must enable the rental option from the product page.

To do this, once the add-on enabled, go to the desired product's page and click Enable rent.

You will have to choose a method for managing your rental stock.

Three options are available.

No: no use of Rental stock

In this case, your product is considered unique; you can rent it only once at a given time. It is the choice to make for example a well-identified vehicle.

Yes: use Rental stock

Ideal if you rent interchangeable products, such as dishes for example. In this case, you should set an available quantity (per warehouse if you have several defined in the add-on settings).

Infinite: use Rental inventory limitless

With this option, you manage availability yourself. Guests can rent the product without quantity limitation.

The next step is the creation of your pricing information, which is documented in the following article.

Important note: managing your rental stock is completely dissociated from sales inventory management. However, you can sell and rent the same product.

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