Add a rental or a booking

To create a location, Sellsy offers two options:

  • creating a booking
  • creating a rental

A booking is, as its name suggests, an option on a rental. This step can for example be used to send a quote to your customer and block his dates until receipt of the deposit.

At any time, you can convert a booking to a rental.

To create your first rental, you can:

  • create rental directly from the product record
  • create rental from the Rentals menu

In the window, set the criteria for your rental:

First choose whether it is a rental or a booking, then the client.

Then set the start and end of rental.

You can also use smart tags if you wish.

At the right, you can fill custom fields:

Custom fields allow you to easily filter your rentals. They can also be displayed on the documents.

You can then select the product or products for rent:

Note: to appear, your products must be configured for rentals.

Your product appears.

You can then adjust the price, choose the rental place and possibly adjust the amounts manually.

You can also choose to display your prices including or excluding sales tax.

When you confirm, you are redirected to the rentals listing.

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