Creating a template / a document

The creation of a template or a document are similar.

The only difference are the settings: for a template you choose the connection types (customer, sales document...), but if you create a document directly you choose the link itself (the client for example).

To create a template, click New redactor template from the Redactor menu.

You can then choose:

The type of contact related to the document:

This is the type of contact that you can link to the document (client, prospect or supplier).

The object type associated with the document:

You can, if you wish, combine data from other objects:

  • A sales document (quotation, invoice or other)
  • A CRM opportunity
  • A rental
  • A catalogue product

Once your setup made, click Continue. You land in the template design builder.

On the right you'll find the items that you can drag into your template.

These elements are detailed further in the FAQ, along with the page numbering and layout options.

To start, drag a Text block on the model:

To edit content, change the text in Block layout:

You can insert variables using the blue icons in the editor:

The variable is inserted, it will be replaced when the document is processed with real data:

Your changes can be viewed in real time in the template preview:

Save your document, your document is generated in PDF for control and ready for use via the New Document command.

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