Address display / sending by postal mail

The Redactor documents can use a block with an address and even be sent with our postal service.

To insert an address block, click Layout in the document builder:

You can then choose your address and various options:

Important: to meet postal standards, address block will be inserted at the beginning of the document at the top of the first page. Note that you can not use the postal service if you have inserted a PDF before the block address.

If you need your address in another location, use a text widget.

Your address will be displayed with your logo or your company name according to your preference.

You can also hide your address and show only that of the recipient, for example if your address is in the footer.

Send your documents with the postal service

Sellsy offers a postal service based on rechargeable credits.

To send a document by mail, go to the document preview and click Send by postal mail.

A window appears with a summary of the cost of your shipment (which depends on several parameters, such as number of page or destination).

If your account is provisioned, you can send your document.

You have no credit? Click Postal service on top of the interface to recharge your account.

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