Actions from document overview

The preview of your document gives you access to many actions and information storage capabilities.

In the left column, you first find the essential information about your document:

Then a summary of reading and downloads tracking:

Just below, you will find actions you can perform on your document:

You can:

  • Edit your document if you want to change it
  • Access actions history for the document

You can also use Smart Tags as you're used on Sellsy:

To the right of the window, you find the Sellsy features you are used to.

  • The preview of your document
  • Task management and calendar events, to set a reminder or meeting
  • Email management (you will find your sent emails here and can also attach incoming emails)
  • Comment management to share with your team
  • Electronic signature
  • Reads/downloads tracking statistics
  • File management (if you want to store related files, such as plans for example)

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