Special offers: Automated discounts and sales

Sellsy allows you to easily manage your promotional operations on the product catalog.

You can easily manage:

  • discounts according to a date range
  • destocking promotions (without end date)
  • your clearance sales

To create your first promotional operation, open the product record that you want to discount.

Create a special offer

In the action buttons, click Add / Link special offer.

You must first choose whether to create a promotion or use an existing one.

To create a special offer, choose the first option.

You then fill in the different elements of your promotion.

The name of the promotion serves two purposes:

  • it allows you to filter your discounted items in your catalog and show it in your product list (if you display the column).
  • it appears as a badge on your e-commerce products to indicate the offer

Note allows you to add an indication following the description in your documents (estimates, invoices ...).

Special offer scheduling

You can then specify your choice of dates for promotion.

Set the date and time of the beginning of the offer. You can program an offer in the future.

You can then choose an end date. If you wish, you can also check the box so that the promotion never expires (for clearance sales for example).

Special offers and sales channels

The next step allows you to choose which channels you want to apply the promotion.

You can apply the promotion to:

  • Estimates and invoices created directly in Sellsy
  • Sellsy POS (per shop)
  • Sellsy e-commerce sites (per site).

Special offer amount

You can set the pricing for a special offer in three ways.

The percentage discount applies to price categories checked in the list below. You have to provide a percentage value.

The amount discount is also applicable to the price categories checked in the list below. The fixed amount you set will be subtracted from the sale price.

The reduction in fixed price allows you to manage prices manually for each rate category.

Note: If you choose the latter option and apply it to other products, then you have to change prices product by product.

Just below, you can check the effects of promotion on your price categories.

That's it. Save and your promotion is created. The following article describes how to manage, organize and apply your mass promotions.

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