Managing and applying special offers

Once your special offer created, it is displayed in the product record:

If you hover the eye icon, details are shown:

Mass apply or remove an offer

To apply an offer on bulk products, go to your catalog.

Use the filters if necessary, filter the products and select them from the list:

Then choose the special offer management grouped action:

You can then apply an offer or create one directly:

To delete an offer, just do the same in the other direction.

Note: you can easily filter your discounted products with the filter:

Manage offers states and list

To access the list of your special offers, click on the Catalog menu then Special offers list.

You then land on the special offers list:

You have visual indicators on the status of your promotion.

To access the promotion details, right-click on the line (or click the icon to the right of the line):

You can see the details of the promotion, modify or change the status (active or paused).

If you click Overview you will find the detailed information of your promotion:

You can also see the documents using the offer:

You can also see the list of discounted products:

If you check offers in the list, you can also change their status:

Finally, you have detailed criterias to filter your promotions:

Offers display in documents

When you add a discounted product into a document, an icon distinguishes the line:

And the discount is applied:

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