How to handle product returns?

Sellsy Retail allows you to easily manage the return of items.

Important Note:

  • you can limit return management to specific users
  • from an accounting point of view, a return is recorded as a negative line in the daily invoice
  • A return generates a stock move (if the add-on is activated)

To create a return, add the product to your receipt and click / press its line in the ticket:

The options window appears, click Back and OK.

The article appears in negative in the ticket:

To handle the return two cases are possible.

If the amount of sales exceeds the return: the return is simply deducted from the total and you can record the remaining payment.

If the amount of the return exceeds the sales, then you aves two options:

1 - Refund customer

You then specify the method of refund.

The system displays the amount you have to repay.

2 - Create a credit note

A credit note is a negative receipt usable for the client in a given period.

Choose an expiry date and validate.

The credit note is created and the ticket is printed. You can then give it to your client.

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