How do I customize the design and layout of a document?

Sellsy offers many possibilities to customize your documents.

Some of these settings are related to the content of your documents (displaying or hiding some columns, for example). To set the display of documents, click Settings and then click Document settings.

Note that these settings can be later modified for each customer or document.

To adjust the graphic look of your document, click on Document layouts.

The page displays the list of your templates. You can manages multiple templates (for example, a template for invoices vs. a template for estimates):

Select the default template or create a new one. The document templates window appears:

To the left is a preview of your document. It Will Be When You make updated live exchange.

The first block of settings allows you to define the document layout and aussi hide some information:

If, for example, you use a custom background that displays all your legal information, then you can choose to hide the legal notice that is automatically displayed by the system by unchecking the legal notice box titled Display the Legal Terms & Conditions at the end of your paper.

You can also choose to hide the line grid that separates various fields on your template, if you want a lighter design.

The next block allows you to choose your page background:

You can choose from our gallery templates or upload your own background image/file.

If you create your own page background, the format must be PDF in A4 or Letter (Otherwise the image/background file will be automatically resized to fit the page).

Pay Attention to the size of your file, which cannot exceed 250kb. If you have problems uploading your background, please contact us by clicking close on the Contact button on the right of your screen.

Finally, you can choose to have colors for different parts of your document:

When all adjustments have been made to your liking, make sure to save the template by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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